How it works.enchanted-kettle

  • Share your ideas for a New Coffee Drink.

    Create an awesome Coffee Drink, take great photos, and write a convincing  description, and your maybe it will be sold at our locations making you a Coffee Creator.

  • Gather Support—2,000 supporters qualifies your Coffee Drink for review.

    Tell everyone you know (and even those you don’t know) to support your drink Idea. 2,000 is a big number, but it’s doable if you have a great idea and some old-fashioned persistence. The best results come from knowing how to ask for support from the right fan sites, blogs, and online communities.

  • Enchanted Kettle Review—the Coffee Creator Review Board chooses which drinks get sold at our locations.

    After reaching 2k, your ideas enters a special phase called the Enchanted Kettle Review. A review board of coffee creators and marketing representatives evaluates your  coffee drink according to our review criteria and hand-picks coffee drinks that will be sold on our menu. We can’t make everything, but every coffee drink in review gets a fair shot.

  • New Moms Coffee Drink—our team transforms your drink into an actual product sold throughout our locations.

    Drinks selected in the enchanted Kettle Review go into production. You give input to our professional Moms Coffee Creators, whose job it is to create the final concoction  based on your idea. Once complete, it is released for sale. You’re featured in the new coffee drink promotional materials, receive a royalty on sales, and are recognized as the coffee creator. Your supporters can now drink your concoction, they helped make happen on Enchanted Kettle.

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